We think up, create and ship software for organisations and individuals who embrace societal change.


The world is in flux, and it's a unique opportunity to facilitate change for the better.

We want to enable the makers that are driving this change by providing them with independent, fair and tailor made software that meets the highest standards when it comes to transparency, integrity and privacy.


Located in Berlin, we're a small, reliable and well-rehearsed team of seniors that can take care of your software project from first brainstorming to going live.

Working fully open source allows us to be transparent, keep in touch with the community, and contribute back to an ever growing common body of freely available knowledge.

Our clients value simple, resilient and accessible tools that are effortless to run and maintain, and that everyone can use, reuse and benefit from.

We offer

Web Application and website development

Independent infrastructure solutions

Support and guidance with self hosting

MVP development

We worked with





We are

Frederik Ring, interested in

Minimal Kubernetes distributions

Open Source Tomato Seeds

The psychology of Software Development

We are

Hendrik Niefeld, interested in

Making things look good

Literal present tense in Korean

Generative systems